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I’m a eating up these bitter KC tears, plz keep crying while the show continues to thrive without you

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Anonymous asked:

PART 1 : WAIT! NO! The klaroliners promoted child abuse not the steroliners. We just have Caroline common but they don't even respect her. The klaroliners were the ones saying they would party if the witches killed the baby in that case stabbed and still praise Esther and Mikael to do it. We have nothing to do with these fans. We love our otp and would never wish death to a baby of an another ship or show. Some steroliners including me watch TO and love it


PART 2 : We don’t even hate Hayley at least the majority of us but I can say I never caught Phoebe or Hayley and Hope hate on my dash from us. The antis wanted Hope to be murdered in cold blood and you are right it’s child abuse. The were praising for child abuse in television fictional baby or not. You are right as Caroline was an rape issue on TV so it’s child abuse when witches want to kill Hope. Both are fictional but please know we have nothing to do with them. We aren’t gross like them.

Relax anon I never said the steroliners were rooting for child abuse aka Hope being stabbed. I wrote Caroline/Klaroline fans well maybe that seemed wrong maybe I should have written Caroline-Klaroline stans. Since I follow steroliners it should be enough for you to know I am okay and like the steroline fandom since I never ever followed any klaroline or kalijah fans or stelenas. Sorry I truly didn’t ment to take all the Caroline fandom. I like steroline on my own. I don’t love it but I find it so cute, adorable plus saying that the steroline fandom does it means I am talking about my bestie and other amazing people I have contact here with and I don’t look like I would talk to anyone who hates Phoebe or wantd Hope to die and planned and baby funeral. I am even doing something for steroline but I will post it when I come back from vacation so I truly didn’t meant the steroline fandom. I meant the Klaroline/Anti TO/Anti Baby plot ones. I am happy I am not the only one seeing that this is wrong. Yesterday there was a whole fight on my dash if Caroline was raped or not. I use to stay out of this because honestly before I joined tumblr I didn’t really took this into account. Damon took her freedom away so I it counts as rape and it is a real issue BUT so is THESE REAL PEOPLE not a fictional characters REAL PEOPLE WANTED TO SEE A BABY BEING STABBED AND SACRIFICED. Stabbed which means knife through a baby and blood. Murdering, killing an innocent baby. They wanted to see it so badly and the fandom who was rooting for it were real people. The witches taking the baby wanting to kill it is child abuse alone but a fandom praying and hoping that they see a baby being killed is even worse. Cherring the wtiches and now probably Esther and Mikael. It bothers me that the lady stans are always shouting because of the Damon/Caroline rape issue telling it’s a real life issue which I FULLY AGREE WITH AND IT SHOULDN’T BE IGNORED but so is that witches wanting to kill an innocent baby AND THIS TIME A FANDOM FROM A SHIP ROOTING FOR IT IN THE END OF s1 and WILL STILL ROOT FOR IT THE WHOLE s2. No one. Literally no one in the TVD fandom ever adressed this and if people want to to tell ”oh Hope is fictional, it’s doesn’t mean anything” so keep your mouth shot when it comes to the rape because last time I checked Caroline and Damon are also fictional. Either you take both serious or you take both fictional with no meaning. It drives me nuts how the klaroliners keep whining and shouting at Damon stans or for Daroline but them on their own hoping to see a baby being killed. THEY ARE ROOTING FOR CHILD ABUSE ON TV because they hate the mother or don’t like the baby plot. No matter how many assholes are gonna appear in this post defending this comparing these two situations it doesn’t change the fact that  real people were loving to see child abuse in live action on The Originals. 

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Anonymous asked:

A) Wanting the kid dead is not child abuse, which is the physical, sexual or emotional maltreatment or neglect of a child or children. B) Damon raping Caroline is a bigger issue because of a combo of the history of how women are represented on tv, our society's unfortunate problem with rape culture, and a good dose of victim blaming/shaming. The fact that you & Anon can't grasp that says a lot. Love the baby all you want, but the two are not even remotely the same.


I logged off my laptop, but I got this email so I logged back on just to deal with this. It’s below the cut because it’s long and lengthy and there’s some statistics and me getting annoyed at this ask. 

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okay to sort this shit out If you are a klaroliner/kalijah/lady stan/to hater and bash the people who deny that Damon raped Caroline but find it okay for rooting Hope to die by being stabbed and say it’s not child abuse but still count Damon raping Caroline then you are truly big hypocrites. Saying Hope is a plot device so it’s okay to want a baby dead and mostly after 1x21-1x22 (after it’s born) so it doesn’t count as child abuse then you are stupid. Also planning a baby funeral for fun is as sick as wanting to see it dying. You want to talk about Damon raping Caroline then also take in account that real, breathing people were wishing to see a baby get murdered with a knife. It’s physical abuse so it’s child abuse. Go and look at your double standarts. You either talk about both or ignore both.

That’s all I had to say. I won’t answer anon questions justifying the child abuse promotion or saying it’s not the same or that rape is bigger issue then child abuse or anything like this. 

EDIT: I had also tagged this to the Caroline tag but obviously it’s me covering the rape thing and not asking an equaly POV. Keeping it still on the Damon and won’t take this out from there. Either block me or ignore it. I am not gonna reply calling this text ”bullshit” when I talk about not making rape more imporant then child abuse

OMG WHY OUT OF THE CAROLINE TAG? IT ISN’T EVEN ANTI CAROLINE O.o it’s done they are just embarassing and stupid 

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Yeah guys let’s praise for the people who wanted to see Hope’s blood througha knife but get mad at the ones who deny that Damon raped Caroline.

Caroline is imporant but an innocent baby a ”plot device” isn’t worth


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Joseph Morgan, Daniel Gillies and Charles M. Davis pose for a portrait at the Getty Image Portrait Studio powered by Samsung Galaxy at Comic-Con International 2014.

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”You are just a little werewolf with a dick, why should I even listen to you?”

”Because you may be a queen of these creatures but you and me have something common. Loneliness.

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…I can’t just turn this o n 

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You think i know? I can’t just turn this on. I’m not like you guys. I don’t have claws, or glowing eyes or super senses. I just have voices in my head.

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hayley’s wardrobe | 1.13 crescent city (1/2)

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Rebekah and Hayley, The Originals.

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But I crept into your heart
             You can’t make me disappear
                                                      Til I make you

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